Oso Response


Nine days after the Oso mudslide, a break in the weather at the Darrington Food Bank.

Our hearts go out to our neighbors whose lives have been disrupted by the tragedy in Oso. And we would like to acknowledge the Darrington Food Bank, which has been delivering food and drinking water to anyone who needs it since the mudslide.

The loss of life is staggering, but the slide has also impacted the food delivery systems to the Darrington area.  The section of Highway 530 that was destroyed in the slide was needed for the food bank to receive its deliveries from Snohomish County’s food bank system.  The disruption happened exactly when the need for emergency food and water in the upriver community became the most urgent.  It has become a serious logistical problem for all the food banks in our area.

Community Action of Skagit County, which runs our regional food bank system, has taken on the responsibility of delivering food and drinking water to the people of the Darrington community in their time of need.  The road from Sedro-Woolley to Darrington may be a long one, but it’s still open and deliveries can be made.

The La Conner Sunrise Food Bank will adjust to the new emergency distribution schedule, and we resolve to help the Darrington Food Bank and the people in the disaster area in any way we can.


Our Skagit County Distribution Center in Sedro Wooley has been trucking over 100,000 lbs. of food to the Darrington food bank over the last weeks.  To help them cover their fuel costs, our board voted to give them $250.00 this last Monday.  We appreciate all the extra time and effort the excellent staff there have given towards this crises.



We are trying to deliver more milk on a weekly basis to children in need.  To accomplish this we are looking for some one or an organization / company to donate a regular amount of milk, or funds to purchase the milk, so that we can deliver a steady supply,  This has always been difficult because it is a perishable item.  If you can help us please contact our director at 360 941-2067.  Thank you for interest in this important task.

Art in Action

The Skagit Valley Herald ran a story today about the LaConner Sunrise Food Bank.

“A three-month collaboration between local children, the Museum of Northwest Art, and charitable businesses has brought art and a more inviting environment to a vital community institution — the La Conner Sunrise Food Bank.”


Christine and the autumn painting